Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush's Baby Daughter Undergoes Amputation Surgery

The reality star previously revealed to PEOPLE that her daughter Evangalynn has a rare condition that causes limb malformation

Maddie Brown Brush is sharing an update on her baby daughter's health, revealing that the little girl had her foot amputated.

The Sister Wives star, 24, shared the news on Instagram Monday, posting a photo with Evangalynn Kodi from the hospital. In the photo, the baby's left leg and right arm are bandaged.

"Evie received some major gifts for her 1st birthday," the reality star wrote on Instagram. "Her surgeon laid the groundwork for her new foot and mobility it will bring, by way of a boyd amputation. Another gave her some extra mobility in her hand, by clipping her webbing she had in her right hand."

Brush added that her little girl — who was diagnosed before birth with oligodactyly, a congenital anomaly defined as the presence of fewer than five fingers on a hand — has returned home from the hospital and is "recovering beautifully" after the procedures.

Maddie Brown Bush
Maddie Brown Brush and daughter Evangalynn. Maddie Brown Bush/instagram
Maddie Brown Bush
Maddie Brown Brush, husband Caleb Brush and children. Maddie Brown Bush/instagram

When Evangalynn was born, she was also missing a thumb and a toe, and one leg was missing a fibula (commonly known as the calf bone) and she had a bowed tibia (shinbone). Two of her fingers were also fused together.

Last October, Brush shared with PEOPLE that she and husband Caleb Brush were "shocked" at their daughter's diagnosis of fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects bone formation in utero.

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"I was just sitting there trying to comprehend what’s going on, having just had a baby as they are bringing in all these specialists. I was freaking out," she said.

The family had to wait until Evangalynn turned 1 to find out the best way to treat her, Brush previously told PEOPLE.

Brush, who is also mom to son Axel James, 3, said at the time that her daughter will grow up to have "limitations, but not huge hindrances."

“It’s abnormal, and it catches people off guard, but I want her to grow up and feel proud about who she is," she added of her daughter's condition. "If I’m hiding this to protect her, is it really helpful?”

"So little is known about this, so I hope to bring awareness," Brush added.

Brush celebrated her daughter's first birthday on August 20 with a tribute on Instagram.

"Happy 1st Birthday to my little spitfire ray of sunshine!" she wrote, sharing a photo of little Evangalynn smiling at a beach. "It's crazy how quickly this year flew by. 🍋🌼💛"

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