Mom of three Siri Daly is the household rule enforcer, she tells PEOPLE in a segment for Celeb Parents Get Real

By Jen Juneau
July 12, 2018 03:30 PM

Siri Daly is taking her husband Carson Daly‘s “good cop” role in stride.

The Siriously Delicious food blogger and cookbook author, 37, recently dished to PEOPLE’s Celeb Parents Get Real about the differences in how she and her Today co-host husband parent their three kids: daughters London Rose, 4 next month, and Etta Jones, 5½, plus son Jackson James, 9.

“I don’t consider myself a strict parent. However, I feel like I’m always sort of ‘bad cop’ and that my husband Carson is ‘good cop,’ ” she admitted. “He gets to be fun dad and I’m the one that probably has to nag them.”

” ‘Did you do your homework? Did you brush your teeth? Eat your food?’ ” Siri emphasizes. “But I don’t think I’m strict. I don’t know.”

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Carson and Siri Daly with their kids

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The mother of three will never forget her most embarrassing parenting moment, when son Jackson was about 4 or 5. First giving a backstory about how she’d give him a “kiddie cocktail” at home consisting of juice and “bubbly water,” she recalls a hilarious time when that nickname backfired.

“We were at this bagel shop and I asked him if he wanted orange juice — it was really busy,” Siri says. “And he said, very loudly, ‘Mommy, I only like orange juice in my cocktails.’ “

Carson and Siri Daly with their kids
Siri Daly/Instagram

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One parenting moment Siri wishes she could redo, perhaps with a little more patience? Potty training daughter Etta, whom she explains was “slower with it” than Jackson had been.

“I had such an easy time with my first that I was very stressed about the timeline of things with her, and if I could do it differently I wish I would’ve just relaxed a little and realized she’d get there when she’d get there,” she says.

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