Singer Mike d'Abo, father to twins, says age is 'just a number'

After 15 years of trying and a vasectomy reversal, former Manfred Mann singer Mike d’Abo and his wife Lisa recently welcomed twins Ella and Louis, 4-months. Mike — the father of Wonder Years and Law & Order actress Olivia d’Abo, 38 — says that he and Lisa were "bowled over" when they discovered not only that Lisa was finally pregnant, but that she was pregnant with multiples.

We got the shock of our lives when we were told it was twins…Suddenly we got lucky.

Having a dad who can sing has its up-side, at least for one of the twins. Says Mike,

Louis responds to my singing hugely. If he’s playing up, I serenade him and it quietens him down.

Mike, 63, says that he’s not bothered by the notion of being an older father, adding,

I hope to be very much around for them into adulthood. We’re fit and active and healthy, and in those circumstances your age is just a number. 

In addition to Olivia, Mike has two other children from two previous marriages; Mike, 40 and Bruno, 23.

Sources: Hello Magazine, Daily Mail

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