By peoplestaff225
June 22, 2008 11:00 AM

by Missy:

What could be cooler to a little boy than wearing shoes made, at leastin part, of recycled tires? If there is something cooler, don't bothermaking your case to our 4-year-old Owen because he can't be convincedof it. Since receiving his ‘Eco-Sneaks' from Simple twoweeks ago, he's been telling just about anyone who will listen that thebottoms of his shoes used to be tires. Like, real tires. That spunaround on a real car. On a real highway! How cool is that?

From recycled car tires to recycled water bottles to recycled innertubes, Simple has already devoted itself to creating shoes for womenand men that are 100% sustainable. Recently the company applied thatsame eco-friendly approach to a new line of children's shoes. We werelucky enough to receive two sample pairs from Simple, and trust me,cool doesn't even begin to cover these shoes.

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