March 07, 2016 10:45 AM

Simon Cowell cannot get enough of his little boy.

​”​It’s much more fun than I thought it was going to be​,” Cowell​, 56, told reporters at the America’s Got Talent auditions on Thursday in Pasadena, California. ​”​And they adapt to your schedule quicker than people think, or at least I thought.​”​

​He added, ​”For the first six months, I honestly [had the] most one-sided conversation I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not getting anything back here. Maybe he hates me. And then after about a year and a half, suddenly​ ​you get this connection​ a​nd they start talking to you. And you can teach them things. It’s an amazing feeling.​”​

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Cowell, who welcomed 2-year-old son Eric Philip with girlfriend Lauren Silverman in 2014, said that he enjoys the little moments he gets with his son.

​”​We like watching movies together​,” he said. ​”Jungle Book we’ve now seen 1,800 times. We’re on to Shrek now. He likes art. He loves animals. But he’s a happy boy.​”​

​Cowell, who will be joining the panel of judges on the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent, answered the burning question that everyone has been thinking: Has having a son softened him at all?

​”​If you get young, young kids coming, you’re not going to be horrible to them​,” Cowell told PEOPLE of his judging tactics.​

“​Having said that, if someone comes out and can’t sing, I’m not going to say you suddenly can. Or ​if ​I think the act’s rubbish, say I like it. It has changed me in my personal life, I don’t think so much in my business life, no.​”

America’s Got Talent is set to premiere at the beginning of the summer. ​

— Christina Dugan

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