He jokes that his child will be at the premiere of The X Factor Musical in March

By Tim Nudd
Updated September 03, 2013 12:00 PM
Credit: Mark Davis/Getty

Simon Cowell‘s baby will arrive in time for a very big night in Daddy’s life.

“The baby will be at the [musical] premiere. I’ve timed it,” Cowell, 53, joked Tuesday on the ITV morning show Daybreak, referring to I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical, which premieres in London’s West End in March.

In fact, Lauren Silverman‘s due date has not been disclosed – though Cowell told London’s Times on Monday that seeing the baby scan recently was "just surreal."

Speaking further about the baby news, Cowell told Daybreak: “I’m happy about it, I really am. It’s nothing to hide now, and the fact that I can talk about it publicly is great.”

British TV presenter Harry Hill, who is developing the musical with Cowell, joked that he could help deliver the baby if needed – though Cowell flatly replied: “No.”

I Can’t Sing! is a parody of the famed TV singing competition, which started in the U.K. and has since come to the U.S. The British actor Nigel Harman plays the role of Cowell in the musical.

“It takes the p**s out of me that’s sort of the premise,” says Cowell. “We’ve had people approach us before about musicals but they always take it really seriously I’m probably more excited about this opening than anything else I’ve ever done.”