By peoplestaff225
Updated August 05, 2008 07:00 PM

Sigourney Weaver could more than sympathize with fellow actress Tina Feys role in their recent movie Baby Mama. With Tina portraying a woman who desperately wants a baby while frantically watching her biological clock tick, Sigourney shares that while trying to get pregnant with her now 18-year-old daughter Charlotte, she too faced the same hardships.

A then 40-year-old Sigourney thinks "it’s fair to say I was becoming more and more desperate to have a child." While Sigourney did not go through fertility treatments to conceive, she admits that "if I hadn’t had Charlotte, I would probably have gone down that road." Grateful for the opportunity to become pregnant without extra help, Sigourney — who "loved [Charlotte] into existence" — cautions people that even though doctors assure their patients that having a biological child in your 40’s is doable, "it isn’t as easy as that."

As Sigourney is ready to send her daughter off to college, she is happy that the pair were recently able to share a "wonderful mother-daughter moment." After being invited to a charity event, Sigourney and Charlotte "got to go out and buy her first grown-up gown," with Charlotte finally choosing "a wonderful fitted green dress with this dramatic sort of mermaid tail." At her first major formal event, Charlotte "so pulled it off" according to her proud mama, who was delighted that her daughter was able to "have that Cinderella moment."

Source: Telegraph; Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.