'Siesta Key' 's Brandon Gomes Introduces Son Quincy and Apologizes to Camilla Cattaneo for Cheating

Brandon Gomes said he plans to "step up" after revealing he fathered a child with a woman while being unfaithful to girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo

Brandon Gomes Quincy
Brandon Gomes and son Quincy. Photo: Brandon Gomes/Instagram

Brandon Gomes is bonding with his baby son after the Siesta Key star revealed he fathered a child with another woman while dating Camilla Cattaneo.

On Tuesday's emotional reunion of the MTV reality series, Gomes, 25, shared that he recently found out he had a child with a woman he "hooked up with" 10 months ago. The revelation came as he reflected on his relationship with girlfriend Cattaneo, and he admitted to being unfaithful to her with the mother of his new child.

Gomes said he plans to "step up" and be "the best man I possibly can be" for his son, whom he later introduced to the world on Instagram. "🌎 Meet Quincy 💙," he wrote late Tuesday evening, alongside a photo of himself holding the baby boy as the two looked into each other's eyes.

Sharing a message to viewers in the fallout of the shocking revelation, Gomes wrote an apology to Cattaneo on his Instagram Story.

"@camillacattaneo_ Has been everything to me and doesn't deserve any of this, She's been my #1 fam from the jump and I wasn't the man I wish I could of been," he wrote. "I wish everything were different link but I'm always here for you. I want nothing but your happiness."

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Brandon Gomes Quincy
Brandon Gomes' Instagram Story.

"I'm So sorry & can't say that enough ... I will Continue to show you how much you mean to me even the last person you probably want to hear from is me. anyways I love you and all of you internet gangsters out ther come for me and leave her be," concluded Gomes.

On Twitter, Cattaneo seemed to address the reunion special and its life-altering developments, writing, "In the end I would rather be able to say I loved too much than not enough #siestakey."

During the episode, Gomes said he's "dealing with a lot and I'm doing what's right." He added, "Honestly, when that came up and knowing what I was about to put Camilla and knowing what I have to step into, I completely lost it. My anxiety was out of control."

When Cattaneo (who said she found out about her boyfriend's new child via a phone call) chastised Gomes for being in California and not in Florida "dealing with this situation," he became emotional.

"I don't care about any of this right now," Gomes said before storming off camera.

Camilla Cattaneo/Brandon Gomes
Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes. Camilla Cattaneo/instagram; Brandon Gomes/instagram

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"He tells me, 'I had a one-night stand with this girl, and she's telling me that she has a kid and it's mine,' " Cattaneo recalled. "I talked to the girl and she tells me that Brandon knew the whole time that she was pregnant and decided to block her when she said she was keeping the baby."

While the woman's identity was not revealed, Gomes eventually returned and apologized for his "mistakes."

"I've made some extremely bad decisions," he said, breaking down in tears. "It's on me. I'm responsible for it. It's my responsibility, I made some mistakes."

"I've been dealing with this. I probably haven't been dealing with it right, but my anxiety is real, real high right now. I'm just trying to correct this as a man and I'm trying to do what's right. I'm just here going through it day by day. I just want to make things right."

When asked if the woman wants Gomes to be "in the child's life," he replied, "I don't know the girl. I don't know." He added, "I'm not going to hide, I'm not going to run from the kid. I'm not going to have a kid and just not know who his dad is."

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