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Everything was coming together for Sienna Miller: a steady relationship, a successful movie career and a life she loved in London.

And then the final piece to Miller’s puzzle came with the birth of her daughterMarlowe, in 2012.

“I was overwhelmed by how normal it felt,” the first-time mom tells Vogue for its January issue.

“It was like, ‘There you are — that’s what I’ve been missing.’ Like we’re both in on something only we know. An amazing sense of being complicit with a little being.”

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Rounding out the tight-knit trio is Marlowe’s father, and Miller’s boyfriend, Tom Sturridge, 29, whom she began dating in 2011.

“[He’s] grounded, intelligent, kind and [an] intact person,” she says of the actor. “That’s amazing to be around. That’s the father of my child. There’s no drama.”

Despite leading a “very normal” life together — both at their home in London and a cottage in the country — Miller, 32, jokes their day-to-day is anything but mundane.

“I’m painting it as very boring! No, it’s not. It’s a living hell,” she jokes. “We go to the country. I like to cook and go to Whole Foods. I have a dog, not a dog but a bear, who when I walk pulls me over flat on my face into the mud.”

She adds, “My baby pukes on me. It’s life. It’s very much a normal life. I really don’t want to sound boring. It’s completely crazy and illicit behind closed doors.”

But Sturridge serves as much more than a strong support system in her personal life: the Orphans actor has also helped Miller push herself professionally.

The couple worked together — with Marlowe babbling beside them — to prepare Miller for her Foxcatcher audition tape.

“He was like, ‘You’ve got to really learn it,’ ” Miller, who later landed the role as Olympic gold medalist Dave Schultz’s wife, says. “‘If you want to do this job, you’re going to have to make a really amazing tape.’ I think you can hear [Marlowe] in the background.”

But their working relationship is a two-way street.

“As much as he helps my work, I help him,” Miller shares. “We’re both completely supportive of that need for creative output. At the moment, we’re just both trying to blast it to get to a really great place.”

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— Anya Leon

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