[bump]: Baby Under Manufacturing Process

Everyone wants to look stylish during their pregnancy butmost of us – especially in the early days – just end up looking frumpy and,well, fat. [bump] baby under manufacturing process offers a smart – and stylish– solution.

The materni-ts and marteni-tanks all include the [bump]trademark mixed with fun and sassy statements like [bump] in the oven and [bump]bootcamp placed right on your baby bump! Among the many choices there is a[bump]2 for mamas who are carrying twins and even a post [bump]shirt for after baby is here. The sexy and comfortable shirts aren’t just limitedto moms and preggies either – there’s something for dads and baby as well. Cutematerni-yoga pants and other items are also available.

Celebrity moms Gwen Stefani and Danielle Spencer (RussellCrowe’s wife) were both gifted with [bump] materni-ts while pregnant.

For after-pregnancy, [bump] also offers a hipcarrier to tote your baby around town in style too.

To order visit the [bump] shop or one of these retailstores.

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