Shocker: Angelina cooks for her children...

…and even has them eat fish!I honestly found this a little funny – that the celeb spotter thought it was odd that Angelina would cook a healthy dinner for her children herself!

Angelina Jolie came up right next to us, with adorable Maddox sitting in the front of her cart. She looked striking — even without much makeup. She picked up a container of shrimp cocktail and asked Maddox if he’d eat it. When he ignored her and pointed at the fish, she said, “Honey, I can’t make that. We don’t have our kitchen — we are staying at a hotel.” First of all, she cooks?! I found it so endearing — she’s like a normal mom, shopping with her kid. Obviously she’s trying to make him feel at home wherever they are staying.

Source: Gawker Stalker Dec 6th

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