Singer Sheryl Crow holds her baby boy in her arms as she talks to Parade about the changes in her life; those which you have control over, and those which you do not. The most significant change to Sheryl’s life in the last year has been the birth of her son, Wyatt Steven, 10 months.

Sheryl, 46, and the interviewer sit in a studio in Manhattan, Wyatt in Sheryl’s arms. They watch a young boy running around near them.

Sheryl’s new album is a reflection of her new life and also of Wyatt’s influence on her. Particularly, the song Lullaby for Wyatt, which is obviously for her son. The powerful and double-edged line “Love is letting go,” is symbolistic of Sheryl’s realization that control, over oneself and others, is an elusive ideal.

The ideals that one has about family and life often includes marriage and children. For Sheryl however, the baby came first.

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Sheryl goes on to say that the introduction of Wyatt into her lifehas created a new atmosphere and a type of fulfillment she had neverbefore experience.

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Source: Parade

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