Sheryl Crow on the madness of motherhood

Singer Sheryl Crow, 45, spoke with Newsweek about her new baby and new album. Sheryl speaks about the influence Wyatt Steven, 9 months, had on her new album Detours, the milestones he is reaching and her undeniable love for her son.

Sheryl and the interviewer attempt to begin the interview, but first Sheryl quickly thinks of her son’s desire to play.

I am fantastic [but] I’m going to move because my son’s in here and he wants to play. [Baby noise] Sorry about that.

Sheryl says that the madness has begun now that Wyatt is trying to walk and going at 90 miles per hour.

[He is] nine months, and he’s trying so hard to walk. He’s crawling at, like, 90 miles an hour, pulling up on everything. The madness begins!

As a new mom, Sheryl says that she feels the urgency to help the planet, moreso than she did when she wasn’t a parent.

It’s interesting that you can go out and talk about the environment with college kids, but until you have a kid and you’re really emotionally invested in what kind of planet you’re leaving for your kid, you don’t realize the sense of urgency that you’ll feel.

And while she doesn’t think that it is a responsibility to write about such topics in her songs ,she definitely feels as if it is an urgency and a necessary way to give back to the earth.

I don’t feel a responsibility to write about it — I feel an urgency. It’s a really compelling time, and it would feel really wasteful to not talk about the things that are right in front of me. The fact that we’re not all out in the streets and trying to incite change is indicative of just how numbed out we are.

Source: Newsweek

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