Sheree Murphy Opens Up About Her 'Biggest Fear'

Most parents harbor a fear about their children being home during a robbery, and Sheree Murphy is no exception. Unlike most parents, however, Sheree’s fears are well-founded. In a new interview with The Mirror the 33-year-old UK actress reveals that machete-wielding burglars recently attempted to break into her home; While Sheree and her two older children — Taylor, 7, and Ruby Heather Toni, 5 — were not there, Sheree’s mom was, along with Sheree’s then-infant daughter Matilda, now 10-months. “They jumped over our gates and were trying to kick the door in — then they started attacking the door with knives,” Sheree recalled. Although the intruders were eventually scared away by a house alarm, the incident left Sheree shaken. She adds,

“Our house is like Fort Knox now. My biggest fear is the kids waking up and finding an intruder.”

While the family could conceivably move to Turkey, where Sheree’s husband Harry Kewell plays football, such a move presents its own challenges. “The nearest international school was an hour’s drive away and the drivers in Istanbul are crazy,” Sheree explains. “I didn’t want to uproot the family.” For now, Sheree is staying put in England — and raising three kids primarily on her own. “It’s the sleepless nights that kill you,” she says. “This time I’ve had a maternity nurse and it was the best money I’ve ever spent.” Regardless, Sheree adds that she’d “like another one.”

“But not yet because I’d like to go back to work for a bit first. I’ve always wanted a big family and I must admit I’d like another boy. I adore Ruby but everything’s a big drama with her and I can see how Matilda’s going to be even harder work because she has a big temper on her.”

Sheree goes on to note that although “three [kids] is definitely a lot harder than two,” she is “so lucky” to have a family to call her own. “My life is Harry and the kids,” she says.

Source: The Mirror

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