By peoplestaff225
Updated October 04, 2008 10:00 AM


With her husband Harry Kewell living in Turkey with a new football team, Sheree Murphy says she’s decided to put her career on hold. "I’m mum and dad at the moment," the 33-year-old former Emmerdale actress notes. "The kids miss him so much I have to make an extra effort to spend time with them." The couple decided collectively that Sheree would stay put in England with Taylor, 7, Ruby Heather Toni, 5, and Matilda, 6 months because the kids are "very happy" there, and enrolled in "good schools." Although "desperate" to return to acting, Sheree says she’s enjoying the time off, as well.

The life of a footballer’s wife is not nearly as exciting as you might think — at least for Sheree, who says that her children are "a bit baffled when people ask their dad for an autograph." She insists that theirs is "just like any other family, except … dad plays football and mum is on [television] sometimes." Despite the perception of nonstop parties and shopping, Sheree says in reality her life "is pretty boring at the moment."