Sheree Murphy celebrates baby shower

British actress Sheree Murphy, 32, celebrated her baby shower in Liverpool on February 1st. She and husband, footballer Harry Kewell, 29, are expecting their third child, a second daughter, in April. They have son Taylor, 6, and daughter Ruby Heather Toni, 4. The mother-to-be commented on her third pregnancy.How are you feeling Sheree?

Tired and big, but apart from that, great. I get bursts of energy where I can’t sit still and then the day after I can’t move off the couch. It’s a great excuse to lie in front of the telly and not feel guilty. I keep sending Harry out for ice lollies and weird meals – I’ll have put on about 4 stone [56 lbs] by the time she’s born!

Is this your first baby shower?

When I was pregnant with Ruby, Emily Symons threw me a baby shower, but after seeing how OTT they are in Sex and the City with nappy cakes and bouquets of flowers in the shape of baby clothes, I thought, I need one like that! And thanks to Justine Mills from Cricket, it happened – it was her idea. People were shocked by how big it was – even I was when I walked in, because some people had dropped out due to bad weather. It was so much better than I expected – I didn’t get home until midnight and I woke up and had no hang over!

Source: OK! Magazine UK edition, February 26th issue.

Thanks to CBB reader Harlow.

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