Shawn Johnson East Says She Told Her Nutritionist She Was Pregnant Before Telling Her Husband

Shawn Johnson East tells PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast that she thought she had a "parasite or a bug" before deciding to take a pregnancy test

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Shawn Johnson East is looking back on the early days of her pregnancy.

On the most recent installment of PEOPLE's new podcast Me Becoming Mom, the former Olympic gymnast, 29, who shares 3-month-old son Jett James and 2-year-old daughter Drew Hazel with husband Andrew East, reveals that she told her nutritionist about her pregnancy before sharing the news with her husband.

"I was still working with my nutritionist and I remember texting her like, 'I think I have a parasite or a bug or something's going on because my stomach's upset and the food isn't working,' " she recalls.

"So I went and got a pregnancy test and the day that I took the test, it was actually the day that my husband was flying out to the NFL to his team and we weren't going to see each other for two weeks, at the earliest. And it was like as he walked out the door, I went back to the bathroom and looked at this pregnancy test that I didn't tell him about and I was pregnant," Johnson East tells host Zoë Ruderman, Head of Digital at PEOPLE.

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"I didn't plan on telling him because ... I really, in my mind, had brushed it off. Like, oh, this is not it, I'm sure," she continues. "I remember calling my nutritionist and I'm like, 'Um, so it's not a parasite, it's actually a pregnancy.' "

Elsewhere in the episode, Johnson East explains how her history with disordered eating used to worry her about becoming pregnant.

"I was terrified of it, because, I've been very open about this but, I struggled throughout my gymnastics career with a lot of eating disorders and body image issues and just self-confidence issues when it came to the physical aspect," she says.

"Because my entire career was based on how, basically, my body looked and how it performed," she adds. "I couldn't wrap my head around gaining 50 pounds and not being able to move, you know, and be mobile, and how that would affect me mentally and affect the baby."

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