Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East's parents had hilariously different reactions to learning they would be grandparents once more

By Jen Juneau
February 15, 2021 12:30 PM

Telling Andrew East's parents that they were expecting their now-15-month-old daughter Drew Hazel was so memorable they wanted to make sure No. 2 was just as unforgettable.

In a Friday video on their YouTube channel, Shawn Johnson East and her husband recall how they told his parents about Hazel with a "Whisper Challenge," using headphones. This time around, said the former NFL player, they "wanted to do something special again" — and in person.

East, 29, watched a bunch of YouTube videos for ideas, considering putting "a bun in the oven" and a few other things. But he decided to pretend they were all taking a family picture during an outing in the snow, when in reality he was recording a video in which they would tell his family they were expecting again.

But with six children under age 4 with differing sleep schedules, illness, work commitments and other hurdles, getting everyone together for a group photo during a trip to his parents' proved to be more difficult than anticipated.

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Shawn Johnson, Andrew East
Andrew and Shawn Johnson East
| Credit: The East Family/Youtube
Shawn Johnson, Andrew East
Andrew and Shawn Johnson East tell his family about their pregnancy
| Credit: The East Family/Youtube

They eventually realized that telling his parents first, separately from the rest of the family, made the most sense. So a "committed" East made a snow family of four, including a baby, and asked his parents to come outside for a photo with the snow people.

"What's this I'm holding?" East's mother says excitedly after he hands her the tiniest snow creation. "Are you kidding? Oh my gosh."

"Say, 'One, two, three, Shawn's pregnant!' " East exclaims as they all celebrate, while the camera continues to record.

"Yay! How'd you keep it a secret that long?" says his mom, laughing.

Shawn Johnson, Andrew East
Shawn Johnson East tells her family about her pregnancy
| Credit: The East Family/Youtube

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The reaction the couple got from Johnson East's parents was a little different — and totally hilarious in comparison.

In a clip near the end of the vlog showing the former Olympic gymnast and her baby girl in the kitchen with Johnson East's mom and dad, her mother looks at her and says, "Are you s—ting me?' " before covering her mouth with her hands.

The couple first announced their pregnancy news on Instagram last month, when Johnson East shared a photo of herself kissing her husband while resting her hands on her baby bump. "Here we go again," she captioned the post, which also included a family pic with Drew.

She later chronicled her battle with coronavirus, giving details about her "pretty mild" case and, one week after announcing she'd tested positive, sharing that she'd returned to the gym.