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Updated September 25, 2008 01:30 PM

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Update: According to Sharon’s lawyers, the actress never lost joint custody of Roan. Instead, the clerk made a mistake in writing the court papers as it states that Phil would have "sole physical custody," but goes on to say that "custody, visitation, holiday, and vacation schedule shall remain in place as outlined" in a previous court appearance. Sharon’s lawyers released a statement that reads,

Originally posted September 23rd: Sharon Stone has lost custody of her oldest son Roan Joseph following a September 12th court appearance. The court has ruled that the 8-year-old’s father, newspaper editor Phil Bronstein, has been granted "sole physical custody of [the] child," a decision the judge calls permanent unless circumstances change in the future. No clear motivation for the decision is known, other than the "court finds that Respondent [Sharon Stone] failed to meet her burden of proof." Minutes from the meeting explain,

Roan currently lives with his father in the Bay Area, where he attends school. The court ruled that he will remain with Phil unless Sharon relocates to San Francisco or Phil chooses to move. The court minutes reveal that Sharon "shall have access to [the] child," and her phone number "shall be programmed into the child’s telephone and home phone."

Sharon and Phil divorced in 2004 and had shared joint legal and physical custody of their son as of last year, reports Entertainment Tonight. The 50-year-old actress is also mother to sons Laird Vonne, 3, and Quinn Kelly, 2.

Source: ET Online; PEOPLE