Sharon Osbourne calls IVF treatment 'mental torture'


Sharon Osbourne, 54, opened up about her experience with in vitro fertilization, calling the process “mental torture.” Sharon, who manages the career of her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, admitted they were desperate to have another child after the birth of their son, Jack, 21, but were unable to conceive after his birth. A rapidly-spreading stomach infection ravaged her fallopian tubes, leaving the couple with in-vitro fertilization as their only option.

Sharon, who also has two daughters, Aimee, 24, and Kelly, 22, underwent IVF treatment in the late 1980’s, but quickly discovered she couldn’t cope with process.

Sadly it didn’t work. After I had Jack I got a stomach infection and I didn’t treat it, so the infection spread into my tubes and messed them up. So we went through IVF but oh my God, I just couldn’t take that ride.

The wait for results, for each phone call, was mental torture. It did me in and I couldn’t go through it again.

Sharon opened up about the experience in her new autobiography, Extreme, Survivor, scheduled for an October 4 UK release.

Source: PR Inside

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