Biological clock doesn't have the same power as love for Sharon Case


Sharon Case was not one of those little girls who always knew that she wanted to be a mother; instead, she "daydreamed about a career." However, now that the actress has found love with husband Sandy Corzine, she has had a change of heart in regards to motherhood.

I didn’t want to have children all of a sudden because my biological clock was ticking.  What did it for me was meeting someone I love and wanting to have a family because of that person.

And although The Young and the Restless star is thinking babies, don’t expect her to have a brood. Sharon, 37, admits that she is planning to have only one child, because she believes "more than one would be too much," as she loves to travel.

Sharon and Sandy were married in April of 2007.

Source: Soap Opera Digest, July 13th issue; Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage.

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