Shanna Moakler on how she lost her baby weight

Shanna Moakler says her big secret to losing her baby weight is that she doesn’t have a secret. She gave birth to third child, Alabama Barker, on Christmas Eve 2005. She says, "I have always said it takes 9 months getting there and 9 months getting back. My body holds on to that weight for a looooooooong time! Around 9 months it just kind of falls off."

Falls off? Hardly! This woman works her booty off! She credits power yoga every other day and lifts weights the other days, Dancing with the Stars (she danced 3 hours a day for 8 weeks), and the elliptical machine. And stress from her impending divorce to Blink 182’s Travis Barker doesn’t hurt either.

Her advice to pregnant women is to "gain your weight slowly," "don’t eat whole pies," and workout through the morning sickness.

By the way, she also fesses up to having stretch marks. Why haven’t you seen them? They’re airbrushed along with her c-section scar. She also has a great attitude about pregnancy’s little souvenirs- "if a man loves me he will love all the flaws that come with me, so ladies don’t beat yourself up about them… our babies are worth it."

Shanna and her friend stylist and Aveda colorist Patricia Mariscal are introducing a new line of cosmetics called True Vixen. We can’t wait to see it in person!

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