Shanna Moakler, the star of the relaity show "Meet The Barkers" speaks out in an interview with People magazine, in hopes of clearing her name and her image as the adulterous, sleep-a holic mother, she says her ex Travis Barker has made her out to be. Shanna says she is a good mother to her three children, including her daughter, 7-year-old Atiana, from a previos relationship with boxer Oscar De La Hoya, and her two children with Travis, 2-year-old Landon and 8-month-old Alabama.

"I’m very active in making sure my children are well-adjusted and balanced," she says. "Contrary to what you’ve read, [my day] does not consist of me sleeping all day.

My nanny usually leaves around 6 p.m. I take my kids I give them a bath, I put them to bed. Alabama gets up at midnight and she gets up at four in the morning, and Landon gets up to pee all the time in the middle of the night because he’s only two and a half. I never have a straight hour of sleep. When Travis was here, I would give him the babies at 6 a.m. Our nanny comes in at 8 a.m. "

Shanna, a former Miss U.S.A. says that accusing her of cheating, which she adamantly denies, is just one way Travis could rationalize his leaving.

"I feel like all the things that he said were just excuses for abandoning his family," she says.

Shanna, 30, says her children come first and foremost and no matter how much Travis may bad-mouth her, she says she has "no problem sharing the children with him."

She adds, "I want that very much. I don’t see it getting ugly.

Source: AOL People

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