April 16, 2008 08:36 PM

British actor Shane Richie, 44, and his wife Christie, 28, revealed in one of the March issues of Hello! Magazine that they are expecting their second child together in August. The couple already have son Mackenzie-Blue, who turns 2 on April 23rd, and early scans suggest their new arrival will be another boy.

Continue reading to find out how Christie’s idea to keep the pregnancy news to herself until Christmas Day 2007 didn’t quite go as planned and more. 

On telling Shane she was pregnant:

On trying for a girl:

On a pregnancy scare:

When Christie was 12 weeks pregnant the couple feared for the worst after she had a frightening fall during a trip to London. She was getting off the train at Victoria Station when Mackenzie’s buggy got stuck in the gap between the platform.

On how celebrities like Katie Holmes can downplay motherhood:

Shane also has sons Shane Jr., 19, and Jake, 15, from his previous marriage to Coleen Nolan, 43, formerly of the Irish girl band The Nolan Sisters.

Source: Hello! Magazine

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