The singer's son, Milan, got a little overwhelmed by all the festivities

By peoplestaff225
Updated December 02, 2020 08:05 PM

Gerard Piqué

Well, we can definitely see the family resemblance in this pic of Shakira and her son, Milan — same pouty mouth, same scrunched up face, same teary eyes…

The singer, 36, posed with her somewhat overwhelmed son on Christmas Day, and Milan’s dad, Gerard Piqué, posted the pic on Twitter, describing the 11-month-old as “mimosos,” which means “fussy” in English.

A little earlier in the day Milan has been in a better mood as his parents posed with him and a wooden toy, which is part of a Catalan Christmas tradition where children are tasked with looking after the toy, called Caga Tio, keeping it warm with a blanket and “feeding it” until Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Day, the kids hit Caga Tio with a stick to make it “poop” out presents, which are hidden under the blanket.

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