What's Sexier Than Hot Hollywood Guys? Hot Hollywood Guys Who Are Dads!

The joy of raising kids brings out the best in these stars

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Magdalena Wosinska

The singer-songwriter, 33, admits that as a touring musician one of the hardest things is saying goodbye to his daughter Louisiana, 3 months. “The first time I was about to leave for a weekend was also the first time she smiled. It was brutal,” says Grammer, who will soon head out again to support his upcoming album The Good Parts. “But if she knows how special I think she is right now, for the rest of her life then I will have done my job.”

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Ari Michelson

He's Hollywood's top-earning star, but Wahlberg doesn't always impress his kids Ella, 14 (not pictured), Michael, 11, Brendan, 9, and Grace, 7. "Dad's not cool," says the Daddy's Home 2 star, 46. "If I drop them off at school and try to kiss them, that stuff is against the rules." And now that his kids are growing up, Wahlberg, wed to model Rhea Durham since 2009, is relishing whatever closeness he can get. "Grace still wants to hold my hand," he says. "It's wonderful."

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Ari Michelson

The 41-year-old star of Marvel's Luke Cage may play a superhero on TV, but at home he's been tackling even bigger tasks with 2-year-old daughter Naiella, like potty training and listening skills. "It's a whole new world," says Colter, who is married to Netflix executive Iva Colter. "When you first have a baby, it's all about what not to do wrong and making sure everything is okay because they can't communicate with you. Now I have to remember that I'm her role model."

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Jana Cruder

The actor has no qualms admitting that his daughter Charlie, 2, brings out his emotional side. "Everything makes me cry," says Annable, 38, who stars in the upcoming TV series Yellowstone. "But my wife [actress Odette Annable] and I both know the deal there. I'm the sensitive dad. Charlie's first school play, I'm going to be toast. I'm going to be sitting in the back blaming it on allergies!"

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Ari Michelson

Soon after Morgan landed the life-changing role of Negan on The Walking Dead, his son Gus, now 7, arrived and flipped his world all over again. "I think being a dad has been the greatest gift," says Morgan, 51. "He's a gregarious, loving boy and very polite." Now the actor and his wife, Hilarie Burton, 35, are getting ready to add a baby girl to their family in February. "We're beside ourselves with joy," he says.

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Ari Michelson

The singer and talk show host spends a lot of time around his oldest daughter Georgia, 21, who works as a social media photographer for his show. But even when they are apart, they are just a few keystrokes away. The whole family "texts nonstop," says Connick, 50, who also has daughters Kate, 20, and Charlotte, 15, with wife Jill. And when it comes to raising strong women? "We never patronize," he says. "I always want them to understand how smart and powerful they are."

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