By peoplestaff225
Updated August 31, 2005 11:32 PM

Former Blink 182 and reality star Travis Barker has revealed to MTV that the baby he and wife Shanna are expecting together will be a girl-just as he’d hoped. Travis also has a stepdaughter, Atiana, and a son, Landon. He also tells MTV that his wife has decided to have an elective c-section on Christmas Eve, and that like Landon, the new baby’s name will have a connection to her father’s:

"I’ve got a little girl coming — I just found out, and she’s going to be coming Christmas Eve. Shanna has a C-section [planned], so we can pick 10 days before or after a [target] date, so we’re shooting for Christmas Eve…We’re leaning toward calling her Tallulah, Tallulah Lynne Barker. My middle name is Landon, so she’ll have the same initials as me. I can’t wait."

Interestingly enough, the NY Daily News reports today that the couple has been on the verge of splitting-and the new season of their reality show will focus on their attendance at couples therapy.

Source: MTV