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Updated November 01, 2004 08:39 PM

SEPTEMBER – updated Dec 2
Cynthia Daniel (actress) & Cole Hauser (actor) – unnamed son (no birthdate announced)
Marissa Dyan (actress) – no sex, name, or birthdate announced
Mariella Frostrup (tv personality) & Jason McCue – daughter Molly Mae on the 1st
Mary McCormack (actress) & Michael Morris – daughter Margaret on the 3rd
Hank Parker Jr. (racecar driver) & Wendy Parker – daughter Madison Hope on the 11th
Ruffa Gutierrez (actress) & Yilmaz Bektas – daughter Venicia on the 11th
Heather Payne (musician) & Brian Payne – son Nathaniel Graham on the 12th
Monica Bellucci (actress) & Vincent Cassel – daughter Deva on the 12th
Michael Shanks (actor) & Lexa Doig (actress) – daughter Mia Tabitha on the 13th
Erica Atkins Campbell (musician) & Warryn Campbell – daughter Krista Nicole on the 14th
Deana Carter (musician) & Chris Hicky – son Gray on the 15th
Mary Joe Fernandez (tennis player) & Tony Godsick – son Nicholas Cooper on the 15th
Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (royalty) & Marie-Chantal Miller – son Odysseas Kimon on the 17th
Chris Cornell (musician) & Vicky Cornell – daughter Toni on the 18th
Jade Goody (tv personality) & Jeff Brazier – son Freddie on the 19th
Des O’Connor (tv personality) & Jodie Brooke Wilson – son Adam Harrison Campbell on the 21st
Billy Bob Thornton (actor) & Connie Angland – daughter Bella on the 22nd
Donovan McNabb (football player) & Roxy McNabb – daughter Alexis on the 23rd
Julia Volkova (musician) & Pasha Sidorov – daughter Viktoria on the 24th
Wendy Wilson (musician) & Dan Knutson – son Beau on the 24th