"One day they will provide a scrapbook for me and that's how I want to look at it," she says. "Like, 'Look, there's a picture of me and daddy [Jason Bleick]. There's me and baby.'"

By peoplestaff225
Updated December 02, 2020 02:38 PM

Selma Blair knows how to pick her battles — and for the new mom, a daily run-in with the paparazzi isn’t one of them!

“If I were terribly rich and famous, I would say it comes with the territory. But I’m just a regular actor trying to get a job,” the Dark Horse star, 39, joked with reporters at amfAR‘s Inspiration Gala in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday. “You’re [perceived as] an ass if you complain about it.”

Instead, Blair puts a positive spin on the photos, particularly when it comes to those shots of the actress’s 3-month-old son Arthur Saint.

“One day they will provide a scrapbook for me and that’s how I want to look at it,” she says. “Like, ‘Look, there’s a picture of me and daddy [Jason Bleick]. There’s me and baby.'”

As for the photographers themselves, Blair admits they’re just a part of her day. “When you talk to them, the guys are all pretty nice,” she shares. “I learn their names, say, ‘Hi.'”

After maintaining her exercise routine throughout her pregnancy, Blair attempted to do the same following Arthur’s birth; Despite her best intentions, things haven’t gone quite according to plan.

I went to Pilates twice. I was too tired and falling over,” she explains, adding that she follows The Kind Diet. “I’m breastfeeding. I have lost maybe one pound since I left the hospital, but it’s tightened up a little.”

The serious lack of shuteye since welcoming her son has quickly caught up to Blair, and although she nurses through the night — the “best time” of her day — the new mom has recently hired an extra set of hands.

“I just hired someone to help me at night a few days [a week] so I can get some sleep,” she reveals. “I would say I sleep about 45 minutes a night. It’s a special situation — Momma cries!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Vanessa Diaz