May 17, 2016 02:15 PM

The challenges that come with parenting a teenager is something Selenis Leyva knows all too well.

“It switches, on and off,” the Orange Is the New Black star, 43, says on PEOPLE’s Mom Talk about how 13-year-old daughter Alina‘s moods can tend to change back and forth from “still a kid” to “definitely a teenager.”

But Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi cuts right to the chase, asking, “Does she have her period?”

“She does,” Leyva responds. “We’re on the same cycle!”

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“There you go!” says Polizzi, 28, whose own daughter, 19-month-old Giovanna Marie, won’t be hitting her teenage years for some time.

“[On some days], there are all these things happening at once: crying, slamming of doors,” Leyva adds of her daughter. “She’s a good kid, but it’s really hard emotionally because we’ve always been this little team.”

She continues, “So when I feel like my ‘team’ is no longer needing me — or needs me in a different way — it’s really strange.”

Leyva, who parents the oldest child of all the other celebrity moms in the room, shared some wise advice.

“What I tell everyone who has a younger kid is to enjoy this time,” she says.

Discipline gets a lot different when you have a teenage daughter as opposed to a child, too.

“I was able to say to her, before, ‘Because I said so.’ Now it’s harder because she’ll look at me and be like, ‘Well, why?’ ” Leyva shares. “And she’ll have moments where I feel it’s [backtalk], but it’s not — it’s her having a voice.”

Jen Juneau

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