See Kai Run "Smaller" Shoes: Still Cute, Just Smaller

I discovered See Kai Run shoes when my first son learned to walk in Seattle. With a flexible sole and leather uppers that kept out the rain, they were cute and practical. (The mom who founded the company is from Seattle too so she got it.) The shoes are so cute that we couldn’t leave the house without someone stopping us to ask about his cute little kicks. See Kai Run still makes my favorite shoes for new walkers and now has a new line of infant shoes called Smaller ($24-32).

They’re not just smaller, though. They’re softer and more pliable — more like booties. They have little round pads sewn into the soles that give them just a bit of traction. I chose the “Finn” style to try, not just because it’s my older son’s name but because it’s super cute! They have elastic “laces” that are sewn in place and don’t have to be tied. A little Velcro strap does all the work and they never fall off. Hallelujah. They look like tiny, green, retro bowling shoes with metallic gold stars inset in the leather. The bottoms are suede, not waterproof, but Egan, like many ten-month-olds, isn’t walking yet so he doesn’t need that feature.

Smaller shoes are available in many styles for girls or boys and they come in a cute gift box with a red ribbon handle. See Kai Run shoes are still my favorites for new walkers and I’m already eyeing the styles I’ll buy when Egan hits the ground running.

— Kristen

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