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April 19, 2017 01:35 PM

Sebastian Maniscalco is getting ready to be a dad!

The stand-up comedian and his wife Lana are gearing up to welcome their first child, a daughter. To mark the momentous upcoming event, the couple threw not a shower, but a “Baby Bash” for their family and friends.

Maniscalco, 43, took time to chat with PEOPLE about the festivities, what he’s most excited about in becoming a dad, bringing his new family on tour and more.

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PEOPLE: Tell us about the baby shower. Was it a surprise? What was your favorite part?

Sebastian Maiscalco: We thought it would be boring to throw a baby shower, so we had some fun with it and called it a “Baby Bash.” My wife Lana and I love entertaining and doing the unexpected. My wife is an artist and loves infusing her creative spirit into anything we do.

We had a large balloon wall in the backyard with the words “Baby Bash” above it. The letters were made out of papier-mâché, along with baby bottles and pacifiers that were centerpieces throughout the party.

PEOPLE: When did you find out you were expecting? How did Lana tell you?

Sebastian: Lana told me casually in early September. We had some trouble in the past, so we were cautiously excited.

PEOPLE: Why did you decide to find out the sex?

Sebastian: We always wanted to know the sex. We are planners, so we wanted to get a jump-start on purchasing clothes and preparing the nursery.

PEOPLE: Did one want to find out more than the other?

Sebastian: No. We were both on board right from the get-go!

PEOPLE: Have you chosen a name or are you still narrowing it down?

Sebastian: Yes, there is a name. We have known for the last six months, and no one will know the name until she is born.

PEOPLE: What are you most looking forward to as a dad?

Sebastian: I’m looking forward to the baby squeezing my finger and [me] squeezing her chubby legs. I think she is going to be a big baby. I was 10½ lbs., so she might have my appetite.

PEOPLE: Has humor helped you and Lana during pregnancy? What’s the funniest moment so far?

Sebastian: Oh yeah! I do funny voices to the baby through Lana’s belly. I’m teaching life lessons to her already; Lana swears that the baby moves more when she hears my voice. I think the baby takes after my wife, because she doesn’t sit still!

PEOPLE: How have you juggled being on tour during Lana’s pregnancy?

Sebastian: I think FaceTime and Skype were invented by a traveling father.

PEOPLE: Do you plan to bring the baby on the road with you?

Sebastian: Oh yes! I can’t wait! I need my two favorite girls with me.

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