June 09, 2010 05:00 PM

Aonika, Lola and Sean – Courtesy Thomas Family

With their second child — a baby boy to be named Luc — due Saturday, June 12, Sean Patrick Thomas and Aonika Laurent Thomas toasted his imminent arrival with a shower at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Joined by 45 of their closest friends and family, along with daughter Lola Jolie, 2, the Lie to Me and Fantastic Four actors celebrated the latest addition to their family with a Southern-style shower honoring Aonika’s New Orleans hometown.

“Everyone knows that I’m worse than Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when it comes to ‘home,'” laughs Laurent Thomas, whose guests enjoyed crawfish, jambalaya, shrimp scampi and praline confections.

Lola and Aonika – Courtesy Thomas Family

In fact, Laurent Thomas’ love for New Orleans extends from the baby shower straight into the delivery room!

“Hurricane Katrina couldn’t keep me from being married in New Orleans and there was no way my children wouldn’t be born on Louisiana soil,” declares the actress.

“Sean and I compromised — my brother [mailed] soil from my backyard and we placed it under the bed at Cedars Sinai. Lola was born on New Orleans soil!”

The couple plan to repeat the trick during Luc’s delivery this month.

Aonika – Courtesy Thomas Family

Hosted by the actress’ pals Vicki Story and Chimene Clarke Holmes, the bash was held in the hotel’s penthouse suite and adjoining rooftop patio, allowing guests to take full advantage of the sunny day.

Working with Shalena Smith of Ga Ga Designs, Laurent Thomas’ friends organized the shower, using Smith’s Baby Registry Concierge Service to choose the perfect gifts for baby Luc.

Smith — an interior designer who has completed rooms for Heidi Klum, P. Diddy and Pete and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras — also designed the nurseries for the Thomas children.

“Shalena put together a royal room for our king,” Laurent Thomas explains.

“The room looks like a French boudoir — similar to Lola’s room but with a masculine touch. Simply beautiful! It was also the inspiration for the [baby shower] cake.”

Baby shower cake – Courtesy Thomas Family

Before the birth of their daughter, the couple, both 39, were open about their long road to parenthood. “The problem hasn’t been getting pregnant, it’s been keeping the pregnancy,” Laurent Thomas explains.

Unfortunately, she and Sean again experienced several miscarriages before conceiving their son. “We were blessed to get pregnant and stay pregnant,” she says. At the shower, “everyone wore butterfly clips as a symbol of dreams coming true.”

Butterfly pins – Courtesy Thomas Family

So what does their toddler think of becoming a big sister? “Lola’s very excited about having a baby brother,” says Laurent Thomas. “Every morning she greets her brother with a belly kiss. When we pray at night she says, ‘Bless brother’ and then kisses my belly.”

Lola – Courtesy Thomas Family

“The biggest, most important thing we will ever do beyond careers is being parents,” notes Laurent Thomas. “I’m so delighted to share this experience with one of the most amazing men in the universe! We are so grateful to God for Luc. After so many miscarriages, to be blessed with both a daughter and a son … we couldn’t be happier.”

Aonika and Sean – Courtesy Thomas Family

— Tracy Bobbitt, Hollywood Mom Blog

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