The former Bachelor star shared the news on his Instagram Friday

By Joelle Goldstein
November 02, 2018 11:33 PM
Credit: Sean Lowe/Instagram. Inset: David Livingston/Getty

Sean Lowe is asking for prayers after his son Isaiah Hendrix was hospitalized.

On Friday, the 34-year-old former Bachelor shared a photo to Instagram and revealed that his 5-month-old son came down with a bad cough and he has since been admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

“Long story short- we took our little dude to the pediatrician yesterday for a bad cough he developed and ended up in the pediatric ICU,” Sean began the post, alongside a photo of his wife, Catherine Giudici Lowe watching over Isaiah in a hospital bed.

“We’re still here and probably will be for a couple more days,” he continued. “Isaiah’s got bronchiolitis and his little body is having a tough time getting enough oxygen. He’s not having the best time but the doctors and nurses have been great.”

“We’re just super thankful we took him to the doctor when we did. We’re confident he’ll be just fine but prayers are always welcome,” Sean added.

Sean Lowe and Isaiah
| Credit: Sean Lowe/Instagram

Sean and Catherine, 32, welcomed their second child on May 18. The couple also shares son Samuel Thomas, 2.

The dad-of-two, who previously revealed he takes “so much pride in fatherhood,” told PEOPLE in June that he looked forward to watching his boys grow up together.

“Samuel constantly wants to give him kisses and Isaiah just lays there and takes it and never cries,” Sean said. “He’s such a chill baby.”

“I just think it will be so fun to watch them grow up together and be best friends,” he added. “I’m really excited to watch the dynamic as these boys grow into men.”

The Lowe family

Just like with the couple’s first child, Sean and Catherine didn’t find out the sex of the new baby until his birth.

“I was very surprised that we had another boy,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it for a second when I saw after he came out! I was mentally prepared to have a girl.”

“So far everyone is saying he looks like me,” Sean continued. “Which is great because with Samuel, everybody says he has his mama’s face and my coloring. So it’s nice that I have a kid who looks like me now.”

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Still, Lowe admitted it sometimes feels “bizarre” to actually be a father.

“I feel too immature to have a family sometimes,” he joked. “But our goal is to fill our home with laughter and love, and we do that every day.”

“It’s fun to be goofy, while still maintaining discipline,” Sean continued. “I crack a lot of jokes at Samuel’s expense. But he’s going to grow up with a good sense of humor and always knowing how much his dad loves him.”