The couple are expecting their first child in July

By peoplestaff225
Updated December 03, 2020 06:45 AM

With their first baby expected to arrive in just a couple of months, Bachelor alums Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici Lowe are preparing in every way they can.

On Wednesday, Giudici Lowe told PEOPLE at their Dreft-sponsored baby shower in New York City that she has been confiding in another Bachelor mom-to-be: Ali Fedotowsky. With their July due dates only a week apart, the two have been exchanging experiences with each other throughout their pregnancies.

“Once Ali and I both found out, it’s really been back and forth: ‘How are you feeling?’ and ‘What are you going through?’ ” Giudici Lowe tells PEOPLE. “We’re experiencing very different pregnancies, but it’s nice to have somebody who is going through it with you at the exact same time and understands our background and how we’re being viewed in the spotlight.”

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The couple is waiting to find out the sex of their child, but they both think a baby boy is on his way.

“Our doctor told us it’s in the 91 percentile in size, so I like to think that it’s a big boy taking after Dad,” says Lowe, smiling.

“Fat babies are the best, though,” Giudici Lowe adds. “They sleep better, they eat better — all around better. Get ’em fat, I don’t care. I just have two more months!”

One thing they do already know are their name choices, but they’re keeping them a secret.

“We have settled on a boy name, but the girl name is still in progress,” Giudici Lowe says. “The boy name was easy.”

“Yeah, we decided that, like, two years ago,” Lowe adds.

The girl name is taking a little more consideration, says Giudici Lowe. “We’re still going back and forth because I lose the spice in my last name to ‘Lowe,’ so the girl’s gotta have something. She’s gotta be like me somehow.”

While Giudici Lowe claims her pregnancy has been easy, she says they did have one scare that has given them a new perspective on parenthood.

“We were in our sonogram at the doctor’s office, and the nurse couldn’t find a heartbeat. And it’s a scary feeling because you’re thinking, ‘What’s happening?’ and a lot of different things are going on in your mind,” she explains. “I started crying, but I didn’t say anything. Then our doctor walks in, finds it immediately, then [Sean] starts crying just because it’s a relief.”

Giudici Lowe says the incident really reminded the couple how special their baby already is.

“We have to keep being reminded that I’m pregnant because I’ve had such an easy pregnancy,” she says. “But throughout those times, we do need a trigger saying, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re having something that’s a miracle.’ ”

— Jessica Fecteau