Scott Porter: Why We Named Our Son McCoy

"I said I wouldn't do Colt, but I'd do McCoy, secretly knowing my favorite X-Men character is the Beast, Hank McCoy," he tells PEOPLE

Scott Porter and his wife Kelsey‘s decision to name their newborn baby boy McCoy Lee may have been a little off the radar, but there was definitely a method behind the madness.

“We really liked ‘C’ names,” Porter, 35, told PEOPLE at the Celebrity Basketball Spectacular at the Equinox Sports Club in Los Angeles on Saturday. “We thought about Colt. We liked that, but there’s so many guys named Colt.”

So then how did that lead to the name McCoy? “Well, there’s a Texas quarterback named Colt McCoy. I said I wouldn’t do Colt, but I’d do McCoy, secretly knowing my favorite X-Men character is the Beast, Hank McCoy,” shares Porter.

“So there’s a little comic book reference in there, a little football reference. We gave him a strong enough name that he could be a superhero or a football player.”

Scott Porter Celebrity Basketball Spectacular

Courtesy Porter Family

That’s a lot of pressure for a kid who was just born on May 23, but if he’s anything like his mother, he’ll be a fighter.

“I was in the room,” Porter explains of his son’s delivery. “I was in such awe of my wife. Mothers don’t get enough credit. The struggle and the fight and willpower that women have to birth these babies is amazing. I had such pride in my wife.”

He adds, “Then to look at my son, there’s no words to describe what that feels like. All the troubles I had in the days before just vanished. It washes everything away and gives you a clarity and focus about life is about.”

Scott Porter Celebrity Basketball Spectacular


And Porter’s immediate focus is giving his son his first bath at home — something he’s both excited and nervous about!

“He got two baths in the hospital. I watched how they did both. He screamed like a banshee the entire time,” jokes Porter. “He still has the little umbilical cord [stump], so we have to give him a sponge bath and he does not like the sponge bath. I’m nervous that he’ll remember it and be mad at me for a couple of weeks!”

— Matthew Cole Weiss

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