September 22, 2014 10:30 AM

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Some people read books, others plan their nurseries and a few enjoy a babymoon to prepare for a new addition.

Scott Foley gets a dog.

“My new motto is, ‘Just give me the mess.’ Just throw it all my way. I’ll take it, it doesn’t matter,” the Scandal star, 42, told PEOPLE at Twitter’s #TGIT premiere event for Shondaland’s ABC shows.

Although Foley is “so tired,” the actor — who is expecting his third child with wife Marika Dominczyk — admits there’s not much he can do before the delivery. “You’re never ready, especially for number three,” he says.

Instead, he packed up his brood — including daughter Malina, 4½, and son Keller, 2 — and headed to the pound to pick out a lab mix puppy. But, unfortunately, everyone’s not on board with the furry new family member.

“Her name is Frankie,” he shares. “My daughter is in love with her, picks her up, carries her everywhere. My son won’t step on the ground because he’s terrified of her.”

And if it all gets to be too much for Dominczyk, Foley jokes that he makes it a point to remind his wife how good he has it.

“I’m so fortunate that this job affords me time to be with my kids,” he explains. “I’m lucky enough to spend more time with my kids than the normal father … at least I tell my wife that when she gets mad at me.”

I got the ‘get an iPhone get a dog’ deal. Anyone else?

— scott foley (@scottkfoley) September 20, 2014

— Anya Leon with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss


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