Scott Eastwood: I Think About Parenthood a 'Lot More' Now That My Sister Francesca Is Pregnant

Scott Eastwood tells PEOPLE of perhaps having "to grow up a little bit" soon, "I can't be Peter Pan forever"

After 32 years of spending his days surfing, acting, modeling and flying helicopters, Scott Eastwood is finally coming to terms with the fact that things could actually be better.

“My younger sister is pregnant and having a child in October,” he tells PEOPLE of Francesca Eastwood, who announced she’s expecting her first child last month. “I do think about that a lot more now.”

It may be a difficult transition from model to familial role model, but it seems to make more sense to Scott than simply mugging for a camera or passing an infant off once they start to cry.

“I think about how I am going to be as a father figure, as a mentor — how am I going to be?” the Pacific Rim Uprising star muses. “How am I going to present myself as someone that this kid might look up to?”

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The son of Clint Eastwood spoke to PEOPLE while promoting The Walk of America, an event that is comprised of six wounded veterans — three from the U.S., three from the U.K. — walking 1,000 miles in 12 weeks, from the west coast of the U.S. to the east coast, all in the name of charity.

The love of the military and its veterans has long been a part of the Eastwood clan, with a patriarch who not only served but made certain that his brood understood the sacrifices that others made for their freedoms.

“[He taught us] to just be grateful,” Scott says of his Oscar-winning father. “My dad is from a very different generation, and that really affected him, and he knows how lucky we all are. As much bitching as people want to do about things, we have it amazing, and a huge part of the reason are the men and women who protect our freedoms and who fight for what is right in this world.”

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In the end, charity and family are interwoven, and Scott admits that he can no longer escape that fact.

“[This all] definitely makes me reflect on my past behavior,” he says. “How I carried myself, and how I want to carry myself in the future. So, I think about that a lot, actually.”

And then he chuckles. “I may have to grow up a little bit,” Scott continues before adding, “I can’t be Peter Pan forever.”

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