Scott Baio reveals baby's name; introducing Bailey DeLuca Baio

CBB Exclusive update: On the Adam Carolla show this morning, Scott announced that his daughter’s name is Bailey. We just heard from Renee, who shares photos and tells us,

We named our little angel Bailey DeLuca Baio. DeLuca is Scott’smother Rose’s Italian maiden name. We were asked by VH1 to try ourbest to keep it quiet about her name until the show airs.

A lot of rag-mags have been just silly about it. [I want to correct a few things.] Yes, Iwas pregnant with twins, but we sadly lost one at 11 weeks — NOT at 5 ½ months like the National Enquirer reported. They also said that I’m 39years old — not true, I am 35.

Anyway, I hopethat people will watch Scott’s show. Scott and I taped a specialwith ET last night that will be airing throughout the season…I really put myself out there as apregnant woman, and never let anyone know the major problems we werehaving with the health of the babies.

My older daughter Kalyn [who is 18 and pictured below] hasbeen my rock in this as well, she was with us every step with the laborand delivery of her little sister….

Scott and I are truly blessed,

Renee Baio

Click here for the other birth details from Renee and a photo with Kalyn, if you missed them last month.


Originally posted 12:40 pm: Talk about suspense! Scott Baio, in a Monday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, reiterated earlier statements made by wife Renee Sloan Baio exclusively to CBB that the couple is contractually bound from revealing the name of their 9-week-old daughter. Fortunately, the wait is nearly over — the reality show Scott Baio is 46 … and Pregnant (revised from last season’s working title of Scott Baio is 45 … and Single) will debut Jan. 13, at which time the name will finally be announced.

In the meantime, fans can pass the time by coming up with their own predictions. According to Scott, the name begins with the letter B!

Source: OK!

Click below for a video of the Jimmy Kimmel appearance (Scott brings Bailey out).

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