By peoplestaff225
Updated October 05, 2007 04:51 AM

I have so many baby carriers I can’t even count them all. Some I like, some I love, some I never even touch. Scootababy is the newest addition to my collection and I love it. It’s attractive, super easy to use and comfortable for both me and my son, Finn. My husband even uses it. I just handed it to him and told him to try it and in a few seconds he was toting Finn around. Right now it’s the only one that the two of them are happy with and it’s the only one that Finn does not immediately start screaming, “Get out! Get me out!” at the top of his lungs. That in itself is a huge plus. I wore Finn around all the time until I got pregnant and it became too uncomfortable (he’s huge) and he quickly became so unused to being in a carrier that he barely tolerates it now. However, he was very happy in the Scootababy. It was a little harder for me to get on than my husband because I’m long waisted and because Finn is so big, but once I pulled it over my head it was very easy to adjust and very comfortable to wear. To give you an idea, Finn is 27 months old and 35 lbs., but carrying him in the Scootababy is very comfortable. The picture at left shows creator, Audra Meng, and her son, Kepler and how comfy they look too.

The Scootababy is a hands-free hip carrier for babies (once good head control is established) and toddlers up to 40 pounds. It is has a very attractive black denim shell with two seat lining options, quilted cotton (the one I have) and fleece. It folds up rather compactly and fits into it’s own drawstring bag. What makes it so comfortable is the combination of the hip position, the wide waist belt and the fleece shoulder. Weight is evenly distributed and you carry your baby in the position that you naturally tend to carry except that it’s hands free and well supported. Plus your child is facing you instead of on your back, which is often the position of most carriers for an older or larger child. If your small, like I am it’s nearly impossible to get a large child, like Finn, onto your back anyway. Not only do I prefer to have him on my hip, but he is really happy there too. It is designed to be really quick to get on and off, to fit most adults and to be easy to use. The instructions are very clear which is important in a baby carrier and the website, offers every detail you would need to know about the carrier plus lots of really great photos. It’s an incredibly comfortable and useful product. I can’t wait until my son Grae is old enough to ride in it too. That might just offer a good excuse to get the fleece one as well.

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