Scientology and the TomKitten

We would like to take the time to comment on the controversy over Scientology and the beliefs of its followers in relation to the gestation and birth of the TomKitten. Please understand that we are posting news and gossip about the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise pregnancy because it pertains to our mission of covering celebrity babies and pregnancies.

Whatever we might personally believe, it is our job as writers and contributors of CBB to keep you informed and updated of the latest happenings dealing with celebrities and their children. The majority of our news and gossip comes from other sources, as no one here speaks with Katie and Tom or anyone in their camp directly.

We appreciate everyone taking the time to write in and inform us of their different experiences with this religion, and we still encourage it. This is a topic that everyone is still learning about, so let’s try to remain open-minded, objective and give Katie and Tom the benefit of the doubt.


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