Save 20% on the Svan® Bouncer

If you caught The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s baby shower episode, whichaired last May and again this fall, you probably remember seeing MarciaCross gush about the Svan® Bouncer.300 lucky expecting moms in Ellen’s audience went home with a SvanBouncer that day and now Svan has a special offer just for CelebrityBaby Blog readers: 20% off the Svan Bouncer between December 1 andDecember 15, 2007.

This beautiful bent wood bouncer provides a great place for baby to sitfrom birth until they are ready for a high chair and makes a greataddition to any room in the home. The Bouncer has a hard backrest topromote a straight back for baby’s still developing skeletal system. Itis fully adjustable so that your baby can sneak in a nap, sit up tostudy the world around him or recline at any level in between. Dad cangently tap the Bouncer with his foot during his favorite NFL game orBaby can rock himself and delight in the motion he created. Available in six color combinations including Vanilla/Sage above.

This offer is only available at To redeem and save 20% and get free shipping, enter the code holidayCBB at checkout.

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