The birthday celebration took place shortly after Savannah Guthrie suffered an eye injury while playing with Charley

By Maria Pasquini
December 09, 2019 12:20 PM

Savannah Guthrie‘s baby boy is 3!

The Today show co-anchor, 47, celebrated son Charles “Charley” Max‘s birthday over the weekend, at a fun-filled bash complete with cake, friends and lots of dancing.

In a Sunday Instagram post to mark her little guy’s big day, Guthrie first shared a photo of herself, Charley, husband Michael Feldman and daughter Vale, 5, in front of a blue-frosted cake that read, “Happy Birthday Charley!” in brown frosting, decorated with yellow stars.

She then shared a pair of videos from the day that showed Charley dancing and holding up three fingers to indicate his new age, captioning her post, “Three years old and ready to paaaarrrrty ? ?”

Savannah Guthrie

The celebrations came shortly after Guthrie suffered an eye injury while playing with Charley, which caused her to miss several episodes of Today — although she was back in time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“It happened last week, actually, and then I lost my vision in my right eye about 24 hours later,” she said on Nov. 27. “It turned out to be kind of serious. They were afraid my retina would detach.”

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Charley Feldman
Savannah Guthrie/Instagram
Savannah Guthrie with husband Michael Feldman and their children
Savannah Guthrie/Instagram

“Charley threw a toy train right at my eye and it tore my retina,” she continued. “It has a really pointing edge and he threw it right at me.”

Guthrie went on to share that her son doesn’t fully comprehend the situation — which was probably for the best.

“He’s 2, so he doesn’t even know what he did. I wouldn’t want to make him feel bad for it. He hears me talking about it and he has no idea. I was FaceTiming with my mom to tell her and he came running in and said, ‘I did it!’ ” she said.

“He’s a bruiser!” Guthrie joked.

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In an Instagram post shared the same day, Guthrie also touched on her injury. “Here’s the reason I’ve been out for a couple days,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a pair of photos showing Charley and the toy train that presumably cut her retina.

“It was a little bit touch and go over the last few days but it looks like the retina will hold and not detach and I won’t need full eye surgery,” she continued. “The docs are hopeful the laser procedures are working to keep the retina from detaching and I won’t have to have surgery.”

“Very thankful for good doctors and good medical care. And thankful for your good wishes!” the television journalist said.

Since then, Guthrie has been getting near-daily laser surgeries. In a Dec. 2 update, Guthrie said that over the past week, she’d gone to the doctor for five laser surgeries to reattach her retina, with the first being the most intensive.

“The first laser I actually did I had to go under for, it was kind of an emergency, like they rushed me in there, they shot me up with the big laser, and they were actually not sure it had worked at all, and they thought I was going to have to have this surgery,” the mom of two explained on Today.

Guthrie said that her vision is definitely improving, although things are still fuzzy.

“It’s weird because the vision doesn’t have a lot to do with the injury, but the vision is getting better every day, but I’m still blurry,” she said. “Right now, it’s like having one contact in and one out. When it first started though, it was a complete blur, I couldn’t have seen anything.”