Sasha Schreiber Smiles As He Slides!

Whee! Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete Schreiber was clearly enjoying himself while monkeying around at an NYC playground on Wednesday with dad Liev Schreiber.

The 19-month-old toddler is the first child for Liev and fiancée Naomi Watts. The pair are also parents to son Sammy, 3 months.

Liev, 41, recently shared that he enjoys acting silly with his little boy. A favorite game is pseudo-hide-and-seek, whereby Sasha hides behind the arm of the couch and Liev pretends that he can’t see him.

“I realize that there’s a kind of a divine Buddha truth in that. I should be doing more things where I’m pretending that I can’t see my son and making him laugh. That is for me is the brighter side of being a father, that there is something to be said for silliness. My son has given me that.”

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