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September 12, 2008 04:00 PM

Calling his 4-month-old daughter "a real fighter," James Murray admits that since the birth of Ella-Jayne in May, the actor, along with his actress wife Sarah Parish, "have been through hell." When E-J (as they lovingly call her) was born via an emergency Cesarean five weeks early, she had to immediately undergo heart surgery, a scenario that the couple were aware of before the birth. In a new interview with e-motion, James shares that the couple "knew before she was born that there was a chance it might be a bit hairy, and the birth was very traumatic." Thinking that their baby girl was on the mend and recovering well, the 33-year-old first time dad signed on to star in the series Monday Monday, but soon realized that "you can never plan anything in life, and never take anything for granted." Only a few shorts weeks after being released from the hospital, E-J was rushed back to the emergency room in July and underwent another successful heart operation, with both Sarah and James — who pulled out from his new role — constantly by her hospital crib.

With the birth of E-J, James — who says it’s important to "find positives in this kind of situation" — and Sarah have not only welcomed a beautiful little girl, they have also managed to "discover something people can spend a lifetime finding: a perspective on what’s important in life." With that same attitude, the couple realize that "we all look ahead and think, if only I could have this, or achieve that, I’d be happy." As a result of the challenging obstacles the new parents have faced, not only have they become sponsors of the NICU where E-J was cared for, but their outlook on life has dramatically changed with James saying, "this has forced us to take every day as it comes."

The British couple had announced the pregnancy back in January. In February, Sarah, 40, had said she was feeling "a little sick at the beginning of the pregnancy," but was "delighted" to become a mum for the first time.

Source: e-motion

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