October 03, 2013 10:00 AM

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Sarah Michelle Gellar gets by with a little help from her friend … err, husband.

Robin Williams‘s The Crazy Ones costar, 36, says in the midst of one of the busiest times of her life — “We’ve moved houses, had two children’s birthdays, we are launching [a website]. Oh, and I’m launching a small TV show you might have heard of,” she recently told PEOPLE — she leans on hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr. for support.

“I have amazing help,” she explains when it comes to balancing work and being a mom to Charlotte Grace, 4, and Rocky James, 1.

She adds, “I have my mom who lives nearby. I have my husband who is so incredibly hands-on. Thank God he can cook or I would probably never eat.”

Prinze also makes sure the little ones get their daily bites in as well. “We try to make [everything] a family thing, so we’ll go to the farmer’s market and Charlotte can pick out a piece of fish,” Gellar says.

“And she and Freddie will go to the grill and she pretends to light her little grill. Actually, one of my best friends just got a pretend hibachi grill for Rocky for his first birthday so he can play on it, even though right now he can use it to stand up.”

But when it comes to teaching the couple’s kids about health, the former Cruel Intentions star has taken the reins.

Teaming up with her mom Rosellen, the two have partnered with Sounds of Pertussis to spread awareness about the importance of whooping cough vaccinations.

“You’re on the subway, you’re in line at Starbucks,” Gellar explains. “It’s so easily spread, and the only way to prevent it is for adults to get the booster shot. One of the great things about my job and what I do is I get to reach mass people. It’s great to know about a cool new handbag or shoes or a haircut someone gets, but we also have a responsibility. If we have information that can help save lives, then [spreading it is] what I want to do. Pertussis is really potentially fatal in infants.”

Even at their small age, the blonde beauty always makes her kids aware of the importance of staying healthy.

“You make everything something to their level,” she shares. “When we wash our hands, we sing the happy birthday song and we pick whose birthday it’s going to be. We go to the farmer’s market and pick out the fresh fruits and vegetables. Charlotte now has her own garden and she grows her own vegetables and gets to eat her fruits and vegetables from there. Children are never too young to learn about health.”

— Dahvi Shira

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