May 13, 2011 03:00 PM

Elisabeth Caren/AP

Like mother, like daughter.

Although Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s daughter Charlotte Grace is only 19 months old, she’s already fallen in love with books, the actress told PEOPLE Tuesday at the Nestle Share the Joy of Reading Program event in Los Angeles.

“We read every morning [and] every night and sometimes throughout the day,” Gellar, 34, shared.

“My husband [Freddie Prinze Jr.] reads to her and my mother reads to her. We do voices and she loves it.”

An avid reader herself, Gellar collects classic children’s literature books.

“I’m working right now on a first edition collection of Dr. Seuss books,” she explains. Others already in Gellar’s collection include first editions of The Little Engine That Could, The Giving Tree, Goodnight Moon and Many Moons.

“I always feel like my poor child’s going to be the one that’s behind because I don’t know any of the new books,” jokes Gellar. “A book that’s been read so many times and passed down, there are stories that you feel when you touch it.”

Aside from cuddling up with Mom and a good book, the tiny tot also follows the actress to set.

“She loooves the hair and makeup trailer,” Gellar says, listing brushes and lipstick as Charlotte’s favorites. “It’s funny because she’s girly, but she’s also the first one to go down the twisty slide head-first.”

-– Melody Chiu

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