"Just to know that I'm gonna give him something no one else has and no one else will is beautiful," Sarah Logan says of husband Ray Rowe, a.k.a. Erik

By Jen Juneau
July 06, 2020 01:55 PM

Sarah Logan has a little one on the way!

The former WWE star, 26, is expecting her first child with husband Ray Rowe (known as Erik in the ring), they announced Monday in a YouTube video on their Wild and Free TV YouTube channel.

The sweet video begins with the couple — who tied the knot in December 2018 — waiting for the results of an at-home pregnancy test on camera and, upon seeing the positive result, smiling, kissing and embracing, with Rowe kissing his wife's belly.

"I'm so excited, which is news for me. I honestly did not want to have kids before I met Ray Rowe. No one had ignited that motherly instinct in me. It just wasn't something I thought was for me," Logan says a little ways into the video, revealing that she didn't grow up around babies as she and her brother are only a couple of years apart.

"I was that girl that was like, 'I don't want kids. I don't need kids.' Then I met Ray and almost immediately, I was like, 'I want to create something with this man. I want more than we have — I want everything. I want marriage, I want to live together, I want kids,' " she adds. "And to have that right now, it's overwhelming. Just to know that I'm gonna give him something no one else has and no one else will is beautiful."

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Sarah Logan
The Wild and Free TV/ Youtube
Sarah Logan and Ray Rowe
The Wild and Free TV/ Youtube
Sarah Logan
The Wild and Free TV/ Youtube

As for Rowe, 35, fatherhood has been a long time coming in his mind. In fact, he has "wanted to be a dad" his "entire life," in part thanks to the example set by his own "Superman" father — whom he calls his "first hero."

"[He taught me], 'Don't put yourself first, 'cause it's not about you when you're a father,' " Rowe says. "I've watched my brothers and sisters have children. I've loved being an uncle. I've always wanted to be a father — I wanted the opportunity to raise a child. I cannot imagine someone I would rather raise a child with than Sarah."

"It's hard to imagine holding your child for the first time," continues the first-time dad-to-be. "Sometimes it doesn't feel real — it still feels like it's just a concept, not a reality. But every day, I can kinda see that little baby bump getting bigger. It becomes harder to leave every time. ... All I want to do is just go home and be next to her and be taking care of her and making sure she's got everything she needs and anything she wants."

"I don't have words," Rowe adds, tearing up. "I'm so happy, and there's so much I'm looking forward to. But I'm going to go home and take my wife to the midwife and we're going to listen to the heartbeat. And I can't think of anything else I want to do more than that."

Sarah Logan and Ray Rowe
Sarah Rowe/Instagram

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Other parts of the video show Logan (who shares near the end that she is six weeks along in her pregnancy) getting the baby's heartbeat read, as well as the pair telling their parents the good news.

Logan — who was let go from the WWE in April, while Rowe still performs in the pro-wrestling group as part of the tag team The Viking Raiders — already has a feeling about the sex of her baby on the way.

"I could be completely wrong but I feel like it's a boy and I feel so happy that this is happening," she says. "I got fired from WWE and it felt like our lives got turned upside down. It felt scary and I didn't know what I was gonna do, and this happened."

"Everything in my life has happened exactly that way it's supposed to, in almost a scary way," Logan muses. "I'm gonna be a mom and I'm gonna try to love the s— out of this little kid, and me and Ray are just gonna be so happy that I hope we can make this kid that happy."