"One of my daughters is plotting to take over," SJP told ET

By Karen Mizoguchi
November 04, 2016 08:00 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker may not have to look far for the next heir to her fashion empire. The mother of three revealed that one of her 7-year-old twin daughters Loretta or Tabitha already has her eye on running SJP Collection!

“Apparently one of my daughters is plotting to take over,” the Divorce star told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday. “She has designs, so to speak, on running as she says, ‘Mama’s company.'”

In recent years, Parker, 51, has transitioned from ’90s style icon to boss of her own shoe company. The Sex and the City actress announced in September that she’s expanding her fashion biz to include a range of little black dresses.

“I think she really likes being bossy,” the proud mom joked. “No… I think she likes organizing things and kind of putting things into action.”

Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Parker and husband Matthew Broderick welcomed their twin girls in June 2009, and the couple are also parents to 14-year-old son James Wilkie.

“If I walk on the stairs or they see me getting dressed, they have opinions about what I’m wearing,” Parker said about her kids’ comments on what she wears. “They don’t offer up design ideas yet, but I’m sure that’s all moments away from happening.”