August 24, 2010 05:00 PM

Douglas Friedman/The Nest

Since welcoming her first child, Sarah Jane Morris is hanging with a new crowd — fellow moms.

The actress and her husband, Rooney drummer Ned Brower, welcomed son Emmett Andrew in January and have found their circle has switched out dinner parties for play dates.

“Since having the baby, I think our social activities happen in the daytime a lot more,” Morris, 33, reveals in The Nest‘s summer issue.

“One thing I’ve found is it’s very isolating in the beginning. It’s hard to get out and, you know, people are pretty quick to come and help — but after a couple of months, people stop bringing dinners. The phone stops ringing quite as much.”

As a result, adds Brower, the couple have formed a support group among their new neighborhood friends — and fellow parents.

“I’ve started to make a lot of friends in the neighborhood, because some other couples here have babies too and are our age,” he explains. “It’s funny how that creates a quick bond with people — because your kids become such a focal point of your life, so it’s a little more challenging to hang out with friends that don’t have kids.”

Completely smitten with their baby boy, Brower, 31, says Emmett’s “big, blue eyes, blond hair and big lips” are “real cute” now, but the proud papa can’t wait for the day his personality shines through.

“I’m excited to see him develop ‘a look,'” he shares. “So far, he’s got great features and a great personality — so I think he’s in great shape.”

Equally interested in watching her son grow up is mom Morris, but the former Brothers & Sisters star admits she hopes he steers clear of dad’s career choice!

“I would say, I’d hope that he not be a drummer. It’s a very loud, cumbersome, unromantic instrument,” she laughs. “It’s not like, ‘Hey babe, I wrote you this song on the drums’ ever happens.”

Emmett’s nursery — Douglas Friedman/The Nest

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— Anya Leon

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